From the optimistic philanthropist to the tech-savvy cynic, generation Y-ers have always been pegged with the burden and excitement of taking on a new frontier. As we approach a new decade, the ever-changing facets of technology fly by us faster than we can blink. But if you were lucky enough to have grown up using AIM on dial-up internet, got a cell phone for your thirteenth birthday, or listened to your ipod in the hallways of your high-school, then you can keep up with the changing times like you were blindfolded. You have also developed what I like to call the “multi-task gene,” which allows us more evolved humans to simultaneously text, change our facebook status, cook dinner, revise an essay, listen to an album of an emerging artist, and order that birthday gift online for your best friend. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I think we find time to sleep. Sometimes.

Here you’ll find information about everything from the latest news stories to the newest underground bands, the latest technologies, and more. I’ll be scraping the depths of internet forums and radio talk shows to bring you the most updated and truthful information involving the most popular stories that everyone is talking about. All of it, of course, coated with a deliciously thin layer of my personal analysis.

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And remember,

I am your analyst.


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